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Insta Follow Bot

Follow these steps to make the bot for yourself!

  1. See what version of microsoft edge u have for the download of the drivers.
    1. Open Microsoft Edge
    2. Click 3 horizontal dots in top right
    3. Click Settings
    4. About Microsoft Edge
    5. Download your version from the link below
    6. - Click for microsoft edge driver!

  2. - Click to download python file!
  3. Now all u have to do is replace the variables in the python file and run it! Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Overwatch Playlist!

Quotes By Jared

  • "Our true personality is shown in how we respond to the pain we endure or inflict on others."

  • "Happiness is the ability to let go of what you believe your life is supposed to be.""


Fart Protector

-Methane activated air freshener

Pi Boy

-Raspberry Pi Zero in a gameboy advance sp shell.


-(Cool Concept Electric Car)

Minecraft Server 1.16.5


I made a Discord Server Lotus Logo